Server Room Management
We cannot stress the importance of server room management. Knowing what is going on with the room is very important. Power and temperature are your main concerns.

Servers do not like to have any suprise power outages. even with UPS backup systems, power outages are possible if the UPS stays on backup power to long.

With temperature, not only does a warm server room feel uncomfortable, it can shorten the operating life of expensive equipment. Keep your equipment cool and it will last longer.

It is possible to monitor the UPS power level and temperature in your equipment room, and page or fax you in the event that there is a problem.

The following is actual live real time data collected from our server room. (Internal server temperature in degrees Farenheit)
 Current Temperature      Show the current room temperature, RIGHT NOW!!!
 Temperature Information  Room Temperature Statistics by Day, Week, Month and Year
 UPS-Power Statistics     Power Quality and Availability Statistics